Cold PRocess

Cold processed refers to the obtaining oil from seeds(edible) just pressing them; which we do same at our home while extracting orange juice or lemon.

While doing this process, Oil temperature maintain less than 40 degree Celsius; which help the preserve all the natural Aroma of edible oil as well as nutritious values.

Wooden churner is used to extract the oil from seeds, and wooden churner mainly use of only specific tree like Varai which has specific medicinal values.

Below are the nutritious fact table for cold pressed oil (Ground nut)

  1. Energy -  123
  2. Total Fat - 234
  3. Saturated Fat - 456
  4. Protein - 567
  5. Carbohydrate - 678

what expert says

You can go through the below link , what experts says about the Cold Pressed oil benefits. Now days trend is going to eat these oil for smoothly skin.

Cold Pressed Oils: The New Skincare Trend

Below points they covered

  1.  What are cold pressed oils?  
  2.  Are these oils better?  
  3.  The extraction process  
  4.  Shelf life of cold pressed oils  
  5.  How do they benefit your skin and hair?  
  6.  What are they good for? 
  7.  Any side effect or contraindication? 
  8.  DID YOU KNOW? 

Benefits of cold pressed oil

Below video explains the benefits of Cold Proceeded oil